FN Indigenous Self-Determination and Self-Governance “Convention of Consent”


FN Indigenous Self-Determination and Self-Governance and to further instilling a 50/50 “Two Row Living Constitution” Governance and Co-existence Convention of Consent within Canada

This Convention to Self-Determination and Self-Governance was created in order to further facilitate distribution among all Indigenous Nations living within Canada in joining together in asserting their natural status as Original Peoples of Turtle Island prior to the 1867 Canadian Confederation and forced Indian Act of 1876 and to renounce along with the Canadian Citizens, the Papal Bulls and more specifically, the “Inter Caetera Doctrine of Discovery of 1493”.

This Confidential eSign Legal document or direct hand signed document registered through the Edu-Sante Research Inc. will take effect as being legally binding once the legal majority of signed signatures has been reached within each Nation/Band as being an official accounting of the official voice of the People within each registered territory.

About signing this document:

  • It is to each individual’s sole discretion if they so wish to sign this particular document or not.
  • It is also recommended that this convention be presented to your People for ACCEPTANCE.
  • It is absolutely recommended that the Nations across Canada support and stand together.
  • It is also necessary for the Canadian Citizens to also support the Nations and vice versa in order to rectify the wrongs, disrespecting the Treaties, Human Rights, Environmental abuse and mismanagement of Finances and Natural and Human resources from Governments in Canada.

However, it should be NOTED: that for this document to be effective in it’s entirety, the various Nations should be utilising the same document for their collective voices to take effect within at least each Territory.

FYI: A separate Citizen’s Convention of Consent to Self-Determination and Self-Governance for Direct Democracy, the initiation of a new Constitution for Canadians with the respecting of the Treaties is also being distributed across Canada so that both the Citizens and the Nations can support one another and be joined on each side of a new Two Row Living Constitution at the same time in order to save Canada from the forced UNITED NATIONS Corporate Globalization, World Governance and stopped by both the Nations and Citizens.

For more information, please see the Citizen’s document here


(See the Convention and full text below)


Sign The FN INDIGENOUS Convention Here


To hereby claim right of Political Self-Determination and Political Self Governance collectively with all equally claimant Indigenous Peoples (Nations) in CANADA in part of Turtle Island ( Canada, USA and Mexico) wherein are my roots and being of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island. Having read, cognitively understood and acknowledged all natural inalienable rights conferred to me as human being and soul, I solemnly swear that I am in full agreement and consent with this convention and I do rightfully consent to the immediate abolishment of the Paternal, Political and Spiritual representation forced upon my behalf by the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, Band Councils, the Doctrine of Discovery of 1493 and all other PAPAL BULLS and move onto the implementation and Enforcement of THE DIRECT DEMOCRACY SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE HISTORICALLY HELD BY MY PEOPLE (DDSG**) AND THE CREATING OF A NEW TWO ROW LIVING CONSTITUTION BEARING A 50/50 GOVERNANCE FOR CANADA By We, the Original Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island residing in Canada and the Canadian Citizens in order to RECTIFY all mismanagement of our collective Affairs, Natural and Human resources and the compliance with and upholding of all “THE INDIGENOUS TREATY RIGHTS” and REINSTATING all of our UNCEDED Territories and all CROWN LANDS FINANCES and AFFAIRS held in TRUST for us to our ORIGINAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES TRADITIONAL COLLECTIVE MANAGEMENT by us within each of our territories.

(**(DDSG) Historical & exceedingly functional Governance System proposed by the ‘i-ACUSE’ movement in which Final Decision Making Authority is held and set forth by the population through the DECISION MAKING voting process and within which no; single person, select group of elite or select party, could have any final decision making power or authority on any Major issue or matter affecting the population in general, all National, Provincial and Municipal or Territorial and Band decisional powers being subject to a majority decision vote by the affected population. *See http://www.i-acuse.com under the tab ‘Direct Democracy’) Upon reaching a majority signing of this document by consenting Nations in Canada, this convention will thereafter be concluded as Enacted and shall hold Official Standing. All conferred rights of authority and powers shall be transferred to the Population, as well as will be enforced the collective ownership of land & rights of property and the independence they apportion. Direct Democracy shall Officially move into effect and the new governance system shall be as seamlessly possible instigated, wherein a new TWO ROW Living Constitution shall be by the people created.

In signing the present consent, I acknowledge receiving one copy of this signed consent document and agree to the holding of 1 or more original true copies by the i-ACUSE, Universal Alliance and Edu-Sante Research INC. management staff for use in its implementation and presenting of it/them before either/and; THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, THE PARLIAMENT OF CANADA, THE INTERNATIONAL COURTS, AND ANY OFFICIAL FEDERAL AND/OR PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENTAL MINISTRY BEING AFFECTED BY IT. All personal information herein shall be protected and shall not be shared or disclosed to any other private party. The signor consents to be contacted by the I-ACUSE, Universal Alliance and Edu-Sante Research INC. management staff in the future for any issue requiring his/her input, opinion or approval. All I-ACUSE, Universal Alliance and Edu-Sante Research INC. members are bound under a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. All documents are held in a secured location.

For more information please contact:

Barb Garlow – Haudenosaunee Cayuga, i-acuse.com,  Faith Keeper, Six Nations Territory

Barbara Henry – Haudenosaunee Cayuga, i-acuse.com, Faith Keeper, Six Nations Territory

Gary Metallic Sr. – Mi’gmaq Traditional Chief – 7th District Gespegawagi Tribal Council

Eric Savoi – Universaalliance.org

Nicole Lebrasseur for i-acuse.com, universalalliance.org and Edu- Sante Research Inc.

Email: nicole at i-acuse.com

Tel: 1-519-774-0850

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