Political Decolonization of Canada”Fact or Fiction”?

Information on Indigenous and Civil Political Decolonization of Canada /the AMERICAS International travesty, propaganda and misconceptions.


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All the more reason why the Indigenous peoples of North America need to “Politically” Decolonize.

Please read Sharon Venne’s Thesis.


The most Common thing Aboriginal people hear from average Canadians


The Everyday message from Indigenous people spoken to the average Canadian.

by Ken Paulin

One of the most common thing aboriginal people hear from average Canadians whenever the subject about the atrocities committed against our people is brought up is.

“I didn’t oppress your people. I didn’t have anything to do with it. Why am I responsible?  I didn’t do anything”.

That’s the point. You didn’t do anything.  It was your apathy that allowed this policy to continue for generations.  Privilege is the ability to not care about a problem because it doesn’t directly affect you.  You may not have done anything,  but you still enjoy all the benefits which have been provided by the government allowing businesses to take over our lands and push us aside.  The electricity from dams built on native lands while our people were displaced. Much of what you posses was made from minerals extracted from mines that were forced onto native lands. The list goes on, it’s very extensive.

So by Not doing anything while enjoying the spoils gained by the oppression of a people you are directly responsible.  You may chose to turn a blind eye, but that does not wash the blood from your hands.  Until you decide to open your eyes and see, until you raise your voice for justice, you will remain a participant who’s inaction allowed crimes against humanity to occur.

It’s about owning the actions of your elected officials.  All parties who have ever been in power have continued the policy of forced assimilation and genocide.  No party that has ever been in power has clean hands. They all continued the policy and did nothing to stop it.

People may deny this and refuse to take personal responsibility but I know something they do not.  There are currently steps being taken, a case being heard at the IACHR  (Inter-American council on Human Rights) which is part of the United Nations.  The case will be ruled upon in accordance with international law. The Indian Act does not apply.  Nor does any Canadian law.

A ruling has already been made that there is no possibility of internal remedy.  Which is a criteria that is required before an international body will hear the case. They ruled that justice can not be found in Canada because Canada can’t be both accused and judge.   So the case is now officially on the docket.

The case involves whether Canada has any rights to impose anything on unceded First Nation’s land.  The Nation of St’at’imc of which Lil’Wat is but one tribe, has never recognized Canada and have always insisted they are a sovereign nation.

The Canadian government imposed the Indian Act upon them, residential schools, mass child apprehension and forced assimilation.  They have also helped themselves to the resources on their traditional lands.

The question is, under international law, does Canada have a right to do so or are they illegally occupied.

The case will determine if they have the right to declare independence.

If they win, their next step will be to approach the international criminal court as a sovereign nation. Once the accusations of genocide are made by an independent Nation the ICC is obligated to investigate.   What do you think they will uncover? Canada is a signatory to the ICC and is therefore legally bound by their jurisdiction.  It is conceivable that the prime minister and former prime ministers could see themselves standing before the court trying to defend genocide.  Will the rest of Canada be able to turn a blind eye then? Will Canada occupy the moral high ground.

Truth can only be buried for so long, eventually it will always come to light. It may have taken a very long time, but justice will always prevail.  The Creator wills it.


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