B.N.A. ACT and the 1982 Canada Constitution are a Farce?


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The files listed here were all made public and most are from the Canadian, US and UK Government websites and archives.

Although there is much controversy in regards to Canada’s standing and our previous constitutions, it is easy to see that they were all based on fraud. We will be adding more information as we go along to show you, just how Canada, the USA and Mexico ( Turtle Island) were stolen from the Indigenous Peoples, how Canada had a SILENT COUP D’ETAT beginning in 1919 to 1931 and how the Vatican created the Supreme Courts in the USA after it gained its independance, then in Britain and Canada to hold onto their ruling of our SOULS, the Doctrine of Discovery and Terra Nullius fraud making their bogus Canon Laws the “Supreme Law of the Land” incognito and how the Lower courts rule us under a fictitious LEGAL FICTION and DICTATORSHIP.

F.Y.I. One extremely important file that is a MUST READ is the archived search by R. Rogers Smith 1937 as well as the Imperial Conferences and minutes relevant to it to understand what was going on in those times and how it has affected Canadians and the Indigenous Peoples of  Turtle Island.

R. Rogers Smith — Alberta has the Sovereign Right to Issue and Use its Own Credit — 1937  Pg 20.

The first page of the British North America Act was deleted after pass-ing the House of Lords and before it was assented to by the Commons.

This page states : “By reason of the request of the Colonies for Federal Government. It is expedient therefore that they have laws and regulations to guide them”.

Here we have the reason for and the purpose of the Act.

If this page had not been deleted, Canada would ere this have formed a Fed- eral Government. We did not Federate in 1867, and the Governor-General was a corporation sole until the Statute of Westminster was enacted. What are we now ? We cer- tainly are not a confederation, as there has been no confederation since that date. The authority was given to the provinces. They were made equal with GB. The power went to the provinces. Ottawa was never a province or a colony. How did it get authority ? It was only a committee of men, half appointed and half elected, to aid and advise the Governor-General.

Now there was no accredited Governor-General and no need for a committee to aid and advise him. The provinces are Sovereign and will remain so until we the people, through our Provincial Governments, create a country.


albertahassovere00smit_Page_03R. Rogers Smith 1937

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Why is Alberta so different from the rest of the provinces? Perhaps it is time to compare notes!



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