TORONTO — Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin issued a scathing report Monday on how poorly Hydro One reacted to billing problems created by a new computer system at the utility. His report included many examples of hydro customers getting shocked by huge electricity bills.

   – A senior from Timmins noticed Hydro One stopped withdrawing automatic payments from his account in May 2013, and in September got a call from his bank saying the utility was trying to “grab” more than $10,000 from his account. The situation took 19 months to resolve, and the electricity bill was reduced to just $778.

   – An Inglewood man sold his property in April 2013 and spent months waiting for his final Hydro One bill, which he figured would be about $100, but a collections agency called in October saying he owed $18,000. More than a year later, the bill was reduced to $56.35.

 – An 84-year-old woman in King Township stopped receiving Hydro One bills, which averaged about $200 a month, in the fall of 2013 but then got three bills in the same month, for the same time period, for $9000 each. By February her bill was reduced to $640, but she was never told why she had been charged so much in one month.

 – A Bolton man received no Hydro One bill from June to September 2013, but starting in October got a series of confusing bills for a total of $73,385 for a three-year period. It was later reduced by more than half to $34,476.

   – A couple in Porcupine complained after they got a Hydro One bill in February for $11,638 which was eventually reduced to $2,238.

 – After getting no bills between July 2013 and March 2014, a Waterloo man with terminal cancer was stunned to find he owed Hydro One more than $10,000. The company agreed to provide him with a discount, but began threatening to cut off his electricity at the same time. Hydro One is still reviewing his account.


Hydro one admits problems, blames the employees and VOWS that they HAVE FIXED the problems BUT that is not true see below:

This is my Hydro One Disconnection Notice in the amount of $35,007.42 (approximately: 7,000 per year – 100 amp panel box) of hydro consumption for a 2 bedroom cottage that I have been refusing to pay since August 2010 unless they come fix our problem of which to this day, they have barely tried to fix and they still maintain that my billing is accurate to this day .

So, the problems with billing etc, at hydro one started before they upgraded their systems. Now, I am part of a 125 Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit against them.

All we get from Hydro One are lies, lies and more lies…it’s all a cover-up!



My reply to Hydro One on a counter offer to them:



I sent an email to Measurement Canada and everyone else. Measurement Canada replied and wanted further instructions. Here is a copy of my replay to Steven at Measurement Canada and forwarded everyone a copy:

Measurement Canada  Steven


Reply from HYDRO ONE to me August 17, 2015 –