Are you being manipulated into the United Nations “Corporate Global Governance” Agenda?

The Art of WAR for your Mind and Soul; Are you or your Organizations unknowingly Guilty of Treasonous acts against your own People and your Country?



Exposing the Hidden Hands of the United Nations…

What part are you playing in all of this?


It’s time for Canadians to stop being complicit to treason against ourselves and all other Nations worldwide.

Greetings from Canada

My name is Nicole Lebrasseur, my background is in Pharmaceutical Market Research. In 2007, I finalized a business plan to create a state of the art Proton Therapy Cancer Clinic combined with an Infection Controlled “End of Life” much needed Children’s Hospital, along with Infection Controlled Nursing Homes and Medical Equipment Sterile Processing and Food Safety Education Program Accreditation because too many were being left to die or improperly cared for within our Canadian Health Care system.

As far as I am concerned then and now, there is no excuse for this to be happening in this day and age when we have technology to cure the many without forcing them to undergo painful therapies that do not work for the most part.

My story begins the day that I started to study the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Agreements between Canada, the USA and Mexico. I immediately saw and realized that we, as Canadians and the future of our Children’s health and safety was in serious trouble and how our quality of life within food safety was being drastically affected.

To make a long story short; the Hospital, Clinic and Nursing Home, and Education project was very much my baby and was part of my entire being, but unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition because I was learning that instead of helping people and children to live healthy normal lives, that we were actually being lead by our politicians into a very dangerous path. It was obvious that the Canadian economy was not about the health and welfare of Canadians but about making profits at the expense of ourselves and our  loved ones. I cried for months on end.

The pain that I could feel and see coming, was simply unbearable. My loss of faith and trust in our Politicians, our Justice and Health Care systems and the loss of what CANADA meant to me, was being destroyed before my very eyes. The pain I personally felt in knowing all of this was excruciatingly overbearing.

For the life of me, I couldn’t then or still to this day, figure out how people can be so blinded by a false sense of reality, that they fail to see, that their own actions make them complicit to the enslavement of humanity, all in the name of profits.

At this point, It made no sense that I should continue with my project until I am certain that we are back onto the right path for the sake of this planet and people worldwide. So, my course of action drastically changed.

My whole life including all of my hopes and aspirations came crumbling down. In that moment my life and the lives of those around me was forever changed. Given all of my findings and after much soul searching, I further realized that we, as Canadians and concerned Citizens had no other alternatives than to strive to “Remove Final Decision Making Authority” out of the hands of our manipulated and corrupted Politicians. Because the truth of our reality is, that our politicians are the ones who allow all of these International Trade Deals within our Countries, which affect us in one way or another.

Not long after, by 2008, I then realized that there was no other alternative than to become a full time activist for the promotion of instilling a much needed Pure Direct Democracy where no one would have any veto powers over the People in our Country. Since then and for the last 2.5 years,  I also became one of the founders of the “Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment” grassroots movement (i-acuse.com).

Considering the urgent need for Direct Democracy, we are presently launching a Direct Democracy school with an emphasis on the Iroquois Confederacy’s Direct Democracy aspect within the Great Law of Peace. We are also  partners with other organizations working together in the hopes of helping to create a better world for all.

Given what is happening at the hands of worldwide brainwashing being instilled in schools, Colleges and Universities by scholars who don’t see the reality of the damage that they are causing and how we, the people are being manipulated at every level. It’s not easy to get our message across in order to awaken humanity to the reality of what truly is.

Eight years have passed since I received my rude awakening into reality but  fortunately for me and for my sanity, I kept digging into everything I could find to be able to educate myself by reading government documents as to what our Politicians were doing. I was able to see that their implementation of NAFTA and other International Trade Deals like the SPP, were in reality NOT just simple Global business deals.

Our reality is that these International Trade negotiations now dictate what we consume and are the ones to suffer their consequences and effects.  Within the SPP, Canada has had to lower of our health food and safety standards to allow US and Mexican products into our Country.  These facts  have created something that is no doubt dangerously sinister and evil to the core for the sake of profits. Our allegations are not exaggerations, as they are based on actual Governmental documented facts.

The claims of these deals being beneficial to the economy, is a farce and is only beneficial to the share holders of these deadly Corporations. Now, they dictate above our Constitution and Judicial system. How are we to protect ourselves and everyone, if we do not stop the root cause of these treasonous acts perpetrated by our politicians? To add insult to injury, the 3 P’s were implemented by the Ontario Government. The 3 P’s are Public and Private Partnerships. These partnerships have harmed unknowing Canadians with increased useless fees and have also given unelected private corporations to act as our governing bodies.

It’s no wonder that People everywhere are confused and rightly so. So who’s hand is in all of this?  We need to look no further than to the United Nations Corporate Global Governance agenda which undermines everything we all try to do worldwide to stop unjust laws and their manipulation of the people through the business of confusion and political bait and switch tactics.

These masterful hidden tactics are used to fulfill their corporate agenda of a clever manipulation of everyone’s mind by using pretty words to further instill global warming fears which can also be proven to be a manipulation of truth with the government’s own documented facts to suit their needs and to effectively entice the People into wanting to become World Citizens without realizing that they are in actuality, giving up all of their personal and Country Sovereignty in exchange for Global Governance. It is sad to see that when people are asked if they approve of a one world government, that they answer, of course, yet have no clue what they are actually agreeing to.

How can this be? The manipulation of our education system and many other things was also done purposefully to dumb down most Canadians. We see this too plain as day, every day. Thank goodness that with proper education, this can be fixed quite easily.

I, We, are not opposed to doing what is right to help everyone worldwide, but we do strongly oppose the deceit in which they are perpetrating their global governance agenda by utilizing humanity against itself which is nothing short of insanity. But what is the saddest part of all, is that People are still to this day oblivious and have no clue about the silent war being undertaken against us all for centuries.

How can a few help end this UN Corporate Global Governance insanity and the business of confusion so that we can finally end this human slavery to Paper entities and take charge of our lives?

In order to be able to  filter through this business of confusion and political bait and switch tactics as used by Justin Trudeau and his predecessors. We have to be extremely vigilant on enforcing transparency and to help everyone become responsible and accountable for their actions through education in order to no longer accept a “set it and leave it” governance system otherwise we will only end up in another false democratic Dictatorship monopoly.

We must without a shadow of doubt, instill a pure Direct Participatory Democracy, combined Liquid and E-Democracy. There are simply no other solutions given the intensity and level of corruption being perpetrated by our political officials.

Since 1931, many Countries were released from the British Crown through the Statutes of Westminster and fell under the Commonwealth of supposed independent Nations. However, to this day, Canada remains hostage to a coup d’état thus placing us under a 3rd party management “De Facto” Governance without the People even knowing what was happening. This fact created a dictatorship since 1931 through a false democracy.  Many other Colonial Countries are also stuck in this dilemma.

In order for you to better understand the problems many of our Countries face when further dealing with Governance and Judicial systems, is to understand the  effects of colonialism, taxation  and the imposition of the Doctrine of Discovery, Vatican Papal Bull 1493 upon the Indigenous Nations within our Countries.


The Doctrine of Discovery which is still very much in effect to this day in Canada and the United States. It still is constantly used in our Supreme Courts against the Indigenous Nations and all the Peoples in both of our Countries since our courts force the Indigenous Nations to have to prove their rights of title upon their own territories.

If we are to properly enforce our Country’s sovereignty along with the Indigenous Nations, then  we all  need to be properly educated and to understand  the many underlying effects that  the Doctrine of Discovery Papal Bull 1493 has had upon our own governing structures and it’s negative effects upon the Indigenous Nations. Together, we can all easily render this  document “null and void” that has outlived its evil purpose.  Until we exercise our rights to properly decolonize ourselves  from the clutches of insanity, Canadians and Americans will always remain under obvious dictatorship management.

By doing nothing and ignoring these facts, we will be enabling and abetting our Political and Judicial Governing bodies to keep Canada and the United States as the forefront leaders in instilling the UN Corporate Global Governance.

How do we know that Canada and the USA are at the forefront of bringing in global governance?  It’s simple, documented historical facts prove it. Canada was the first Country to initiate the Act of Parliament to instill the World Trade Organization (WTO) by our De Facto, 3rd party management 1995 Government with the participation of many others on the trilateral commissions such as; John Manley,  Mitchell Sharp and Maurice Strong just to name a few.


Maurice Strong, who was a most deceptive Canadian man who became the Secretary General of the United Nations. He was also very instrumental in launching Agenda 21, the New Earth Charter with Gorbachev and the implementation of the Green Political parties to be used as blanket covers for many of the UN Corporations taking over all of our Natural and Human resources.

I do have to admit; that using the environment in order to brainwash people to falling in line like good little soldiers in order to bringing in Global governance, was absolutely brilliant on their part.


Even though there are many other players, Maurice Strong, was one of the most dangerous and treasonous Canadian of all, given his United Nations position which allowed him the benefit to manipulate and to instill his group’s underlying agendas of mass control. Their combined efforts in establishing  the WTO and Agenda 21 through very BOLD and deceitful moves will enable the destruction  of our Country and People’s Sovereignty. We only have to look at the International Trade negotiations to see the proof of their actions. This resulted in Canada being the #1 most sued Country in the world.

But it doesn’t stop there. In order to secure their success at their UN Global Corporate Governance  with the help of other Canadian Politicians and Lawyers, they further  instilled the launch of the International Crimes Court. Historical documented facts indicate that many of our Canadian Lawyers, especially out of  BC, originated the documents for the International Crimes Courts at the expense of Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Nations.


Finally, Cop21 is their latest spawn to instill International Laws for the final implementation of Agenda 21 (false green/environmental Movement to save the planet) to manipulate the people worldwide  that would place the UN Corporate Control Agenda of the planet above all the People in the world at the hands of the people themselves by supporting and promoting cop21 without the people even realizing what they are truly promoting.

COP21 is their license to control everyone through circumventing our Constitutions and rights by instilling unelected worldwide committees and officials to dictate new laws in each of our Countries. It really isn’t about saving the environment, that is just a means to their Power takeover of the planet.

What floored me the most with COP21, was their slogan of #Bikes4us.


One of their themes and global goals is to promote and create carless Cities. Their plans is to have most of the major cities worldwide to become carless cities. Why would the City of Vancouver and others that have planned to be completely carless by 2025 when we have cars that are environment friendly but are being suppressed by our governments? This makes no common sense and it’s certainly not about cleaning up our environment and carbon emissions,  it is about mass population control by turning our cities into maintenance free jails since our only vehicles of choice will be bicycles or subways.

This type of insanity is what Justin Trudeau portrayed when he unlawfully and Illegally signed on Canadians without our signed consent to COP21 and the TPP and all other International Trade Deals he will be signing which are further bypassing the Indigenous Treaties in Canada.  His actions are also intentionally circumventing our Canadian Constitution without his having any true jurisdiction to do so.  All of these actions are treasonous acts against all Canadians and the Indigenous Nations in Canada.

Why am I reaching out to you at this time? We have arrived at a point in time where we must question everything and everyone since the BUSINESS OF CONFUSION was created to have us all in arguments instead of joining together to form sound solutions. One just needs to stop and take a good long look around to see it plain as day.

What do we see before us? We see Organizations like the many NGO’s and people being manipulated by the Media, Governments, Corporations, and other UN Organizations who are created and steered by Committees such as those on the TPP, CETA, etc. to push their deceitful tactics through manipulation in order to fulfill the elitist agendas.

Thus far, all of our research points to the United Nations Corporate Global Governance Agenda (2 sides are used to create chaos) while the puppet masters steer the scenarios to accomplish their goals of Agenda 21, COP21 Global Governance through the environment manipulation tactics and the Vatican imposed “Doctrine of Discovery Papal Bull of 1493”, amongst many other findings contribute to the further demise of our Sovereign Nations.


Have you ever wondered why heads of States/ Countries need to see the Pope when they are threatening wars between Sovereign Countries? The Pope is not acting as a mediator, he is acting as the official Crown, owner of our Countries as determined within the Doctrine of Discovery and other Papal Bull Doctrines. Looking at the Supreme Court Judges attires, will remove any doubts you may have as to who rules the Court systems. Looking at precedence at the United Nations 1961 Vienna convention will also indicate which Crown rules over all Imperial Crowns. The answer will amaze you as this is when truth becomes stranger than fiction!


The one thing that almost remains constant within our research is that the tactics used are usually  carbon copies of each other in different Commonwealth Countries. Everything done in Canada since 1931 has been unlawful and deceitful not only to Canadians and to the Indigenous Nations, but to the rest of the world as well. All trade deals and treaties with other countries have always been illegitimate.

So, as Canadians, we are again forced to relive the groundhog day loop, over and over since 1931, when our Politicians pretend to have our best interest at heart then pull their bait and switch tactics. As an example, our De Facto Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau standing upon the stage of deceit, is seeming to be looking into electoral reforms which will only serve to give Canadians another false sense of democracy. To be honest and truth be known, Proportional Representation (PR) is not working well at all  while our politicians claim that PR is working in other Countries. PR will not achieve anything but Political chaos and still keep us in bondage to not only one but a combination of Political Party Dictatorships.

Can we turn things around for the benefit of Canadians? Yes, all of these deceptive measures can easily be turned around to work in the People’s favor by enforcing our sovereignty in each Country and bring in a pure Direct democracy placing people above Governments and corporations without anyone, or any Corporate paper entity to have VETO Power such as done within all of our Countries at the moment instead of allowing the UN Corporate Steering Committees to dictate to have the power to jail everyone worldwide by copping us to death through COP21.

In order to ensure our Country and the People’s  Sovereignty,  we had to find a solution that would be lawful and Constitutionally legal. That solution was to draft a legally binding document between the Citizens without the interference of the Municipal, Provincial or Federal Governments illegitimate Judicial Corporate Veto Power over the People  in  relevance on how we as a whole, wish to govern  ourselves.

This simple Citizen’s Convention of Consent to Self-determination and Self-governance is a legally binding Contract between the citizens to democratically change our present system to a pure direct democracy without veto rights by any person or corporate entity, which places the People above Governments, Corporations and Corporate law. It also has the power to revert Canada to both the Indigenous Nations and the Citizens within our Treaty Countries which can now be legally e-Signed.


Furthermore the Convention of Consent can and should also be initiated in each Colonized Country bound to De Facto Governments and to the Commonwealth. Nothing needs to be extreme.

Within Canada  in order for the Convention of Consent to be fully recognized within our present illegally imposed De Facto Governing system, Canadians  need 70% of the Canadian population or simply 70% of the population  in a Province to have agreed and signed the Citizen’s Convention of Consent.

Once this is done, the Provincial Politicians nor the City/ Municipal Corporate paper entity Mayors or Indigenous Band Councils, will no longer be able to have veto rights over the people. Finally,  the 70% of signatures are achieved by the population within that province, they the People can launch the implementation of Constituency Parliaments within each of Community in order to instill their Pure Direct Democracy system.


By doing so, through the will of the People, we will have achieved to  finally place the PEOPLE in our Country above Governments, Corporation and our judicial system. This will allow us to stop the UN Corporate Global governance agenda in its tracks.

What else can we do in the meantime? First, we need to identify if we ourselves are part of the problem by blindly helping the UN global Governance agenda to usurp our Country’s Natural Resources and Sovereignty by what we do within our own organizations or by even blindly supporting cop21 without realizing what cop21 truly is.

We can all help by investing the time and effort needed  in educating ourselves and our children about these deceptive measures and expose those perpetrating these acts of treason, either knowingly or unknowingly as they become very easy to see once you know the globalist agenda.

We also need  to inform ourselves and our families on being able to identify when  things like the Delphi brainwashing and controlling techniques are being used against the people during community meetings or in questionnaires that purposefully manipulate the control of outcomes by not giving the people the right to make requests or to simply neglect adding all the choices available for the population to agree upon.

The one thing that can helps us to stay focused is in the knowing that the truth and common sense logic always will prevail in the end.

How do we achieve knowing the truth through common sense, logical thinking? We achieve it by enabling ourselves to mainly remain focussed on their past, present and future actions and to no longer rely on their meaningless words, in order to see the reality of what the truth is. This is what will allow us to see beyond the deceit and manipulation we are presently being falling for and unknowingly engaged into globally.

One specific example I like to discuss with people is the threat of War with Russia or China which has been part of our history for far too long. Take the creation of the United nations after World War II. The United States since the inception of the United Nations has given the most amount of money to build it and maintain it than any other Country in the world. What most people don’t know is that 5 Countries have veto power over all countries in the world. These Countries are; the USA, France, UK, China and Russia.


Now, given this information and using common sense logical thinking; do you seriously think that the United States would after having to pay most of the UN expenses, would turn around and give 2 of their most feared Countries VETO POWER over them within the UN security Council?  The answer to that would be a resounding NO, as common sense dictates that this would be something that only fools would do, unless, you already were in control of these Countries.

If you look at the MAO, the Chinese Communist leader, you would find out that he was actually involved with Yale University most of his life. See:  http://www.yalechina.org/history/302

So, you tell me: Are we truly going to war with Russia or is it a good Cop, bad Cop ploy to achieve their Global Governance end game? You decide!

Hopefully this will have given everyone a good example of things to look for When dealing with such scenarios as a pending War with the UN veto power structure.  This shows us without doubt, just how important looking deeper into actions are, as actions point to the truth. Once this is achieved; then we can think and see clearly what it is, that we must all do in order to protect everyone from the globalization tyranny experienced by all, in one form or another.

Education is key: In order for you to better understand what has transpired globally, I am hoping that you will watch our series of short videos that will help prove that many aspects of democracy have been tainted including what a true Direct Democracy is supposed to be. Even the United Nations has put their own spin on it to mislead the people into accepting veto by governments. When anyone has the right to veto the peoples decision making, then that is not democracy, it’s dictatorship, plain and simple.  You can view their version of Direct Democracy on our website.

One thing is obvious,  if we are to do our due diligence and focus all of our efforts into helping to protect people worldwide, then we must all make certain that veto over the people no longer exists to create the positive and effective change we all desire for the world. Getting caught up in a world of illusions and delusions, is no longer an option if we wish to end the insanity we are all living.

I trust that you will listen closely to the information given and see what we see. It’s time for Canadians to stop being complicit to treason against ourselves and all other Nations worldwide.

Soul’ution Video Series: http://www.i-acuse.com/direct_democracy/direct-democracy-school/pure-direct-democracy-soulutions/
Sample videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42-jKI_fpwo

I thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if you require more information.

Warmest regards,

Nicole Lebrasseur

Ontario, Canada

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