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The Gaza Israel Conflict Explained by Max Igan


.Published on Aug 22, 2014

On 8 July 2014, an escalation of the Gaza–Israel conflict began when Israel launched Operation Protective Edge (Hebrew: מִבְצַע צוּק אֵיתָן, Mivtza’ Tzuk Eitan, lit. “Operation Strong Cliff”), in the Palestinian unity-governed Gaza Strip. The stated aim of the operation was to stop rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, which several Hamas affiliated groups had begun launching in June and which Hamas claimed responsibility for on 7 July following an Israeli crackdown on Hamas members in the West Bank. The crackdown was a response to the 2014 kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenagers by Hamas members, which Hamas leadership praised but did not take responsibility for until August 20. After an Israeli Air Force airstrike killed 7 Hamas members, Hamas itself fired rockets into Israel.

On 13 July, the Israeli military reported that more than 1,300 Israeli air strikes had taken place on Gaza. By August 5, Israel’s combined ground, air and naval forces had struck 4,762 targets in Gaza, while Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other militant groups had fired over 3000 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel. Several attempts to arrange a cease-fire between the two sides failed, and several arranged cease-fires (including one on 5 August, during which all Israeli soldiers were withdrawn from the Gaza Strip) fell apart or expired, before an Egyptian proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire was accepted by Israeli and Palestinian officials on 10 August.

On 10 August, another Egyptian proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire was negotiated and agreed upon Israeli and Palestinian officials, and on 13 August it was extended for another 120 hours to allow both sides to continue negotiations for a long-term solution to end the month-long fighting. On 19 August, a 24 hour ceasefire extension renewal was violated when 29 Hamas rockets were fired into Israel, and the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes in response, killing 9 Gazans. Peace talks subsequently fell apart.

The conflict is the deadliest military operation to have taken place in Gaza since the Second Intifada, though both the exact number of deaths and the percentage of the dead who were militants as opposed to civilians have been in dispute. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 2,040 Gazans have been killed and 10,196 have been wounded. (80% civilians) According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 1,434 (72%) of 1,999 deaths they documented were civilians, of whom 711 (35% of all deaths) were women or children. According to the Israeli government, 40%-50% of Gazan fatalities have been combatants. 64 IDF soldiers have been killed, as well as two Israeli civilians. The Israel Defense Forces have stated that Hamas has used civilians as “human shields”; Hamas has stated that it does not use human shields. 44% of the territory of the Gaza Strip has been declared a no-go zone by the Israeli military.




Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’




It’s time to tell the world that

Canada does NOT support Harper!






History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict


Seminar at Case Western Reserve University, a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

In U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 rankings, Case Western Reserve’s undergraduate program ranked 37th among national universities. The University is also associated with 16 Nobel Laureates.




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By: Richard MacRaith of the Oaks , aka Richard DesChênes McGrath


            In the following personal opinion, I would like to clarify here that I am not anti-Semite, racist or discriminating any population per se, but addressing the actual military conflict itself and speaking as an observer of what I perceive as being the facts. I agree that we can’t place all Jewish people, Arab People, Palestinian People and religious faiths in isolated ideologies which are or tend to be extremist. This is visibly and definitely not the case.


As we here in Canada as a Canadian population are divided in our views and convictions, so also are Jewish, Arab, Palestinian and all other populations where Governments rule and decide for the people. This is why it is so urgent that we all move toward a true democratic system of governance which reflects the will and voice of the population it is representing and not that of a select group of ‘voted in’ elite governors who push forward corporate agendas ‘on behalf of’ the public they are representing and where the course of action taken is more often than not, in absolute disregard to the public opinion.


Many if not a majority of Jewish people, Arab People and Palestinian people do not support what their governments/deciders are doing on their behalf. They are just as against war and genocide as anyone else, in the same way we, as Canadians, are not all in the same group which are voting for it yet are being forced into it by our heads of government and have been silenced and ignored by a very select few who hold all the power. Please bear this in mind while reading this opinion.


            In the present world situation, when one factors in the truth about how National Economies and conflicts between Nations worldwide are absolutely controlled by world Banks and false flag operations to the benefit of Massive Corporations which in turn control every Government within the G-20, I must condemn the actions Israel is committing upon Palestine.


Most people do not know the history behind these conflicts since main stream media (the News and propaganda all North American and European populations are subjected to), is owned, run and also controlled by these same Mega corporations which themselves are owned and run by a select group of ‘Elite’ families in absolute control of the world’s Monetary system.


Virtually all major conflicts worldwide are motivated and seeded by these huge financial oligarchic establishments and hence, triggered through the use of false flag operations designed to spark wars and feed their unquenchable thirst for absolute power and control. Terrorism is simply the modus-operandi used to fuel these conflicts between populations who have been indoctrinated each their side over centuries and therefore have become unmistakably predictable in their responses, retaliations, opinions and aggressive actions towards each other.


In light of these studied and well documented facts, one can hardly condemn or condone the attack or retaliation of any population in their attempt to defend their lands, territories, distinctiveness and children against the perceived assailant due to the much greater forces which stand against them and initiate these conflicts directly at their core through covert financing operations to achieve their sordid goals and fulfill their ever more evil agendas. It is understandable that such hatred would arise between certain targeted populations one against the other since the mutual provocation is all orchestrated by design through progressive seeding and financial unrest being forced upon either side. It stands to reason that under the fire of a much more militarily powerful assailant, the lesser powerful population becomes totally unforgiving when so much of their livelihood is at stake.


When the greater military power wishes to gain absolute control over its target, it will encourage the other’s intolerance by fueling the escalating hatred thereby justifying its annihilating course of action. It will systematically fund the resistance through the back door and eliminate any possibility of consensus or peace. The stronger the resistance, the better the chances of total annihilation. In order to come to grips with and recognize the facts, so as to be at all capable of rendering a fair and equitable judgment over any such situation, we need only to open our eyes and minds to what is really going on and close our ears to what propagandists are trying to make us believe, through their MASS MEDIA MANIPULATION MACHINE. Remember that all news we are exposed to that is channeled through any mass media medium whether satellite, newspapers, television broadcast or other, is totally controlled and will always serve the Faction that fueled the conflict and has the winning hand. As they say, if you want to get anywhere near the truth, just follow the money.


In the Israeli vs Palestinian conflict where there is clearly no hope for any agreement or settlement between the two parties, the remaining ‘power-able’ Nations such as Canada, USA, Russia, China, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, Africa, Bazil and other such Nations should get together and intervene to jointly set up a boundary that neither Israel or Palestine could cross. At present, the fight is not a fair one to begin with, and Hamas is being seeded and fueled by Underground Operations funded by the Jewish State itself to justify their invasions and commit genocide upon innocent defenseless Palestinian Men, Women and Children. Merely civilians who do not fully understand what is going on, nor how they have been and are being manipulated and squeezed into an unfair game of mind control by a Zionist group of extremely wealthy tyrants. They are being herded as cattle and shot / burned / tortured and murdered. This is unacceptable, and more so that a once great country like ours ‘CANADA’ should participate in this unjustifiable slaughter. On the contrary, we should be mediating in between the two with support from other Countries to stop both sides from fighting and especially stop Israel from destroying Palestinians since it is much stronger than Palestine in military force. 


All in all, neither Palestine nor Israel need us Canadians supporting Israel in its Genocide upon Palestine. We have absolutely no right whatsoever to fund such atrocities against another population under any circumstance or for any reasons whatever they may be. I would agree to mediation between the two countries if anything, where support could be given to Palestine to help restore their Country from the damage done to it so that in all fairness, their quality of life could be brought back to what it was before the war began. As for Israel, they would be sent back to their neck of the woods and forbidden from taking over any more Palestinian Land. There’s a limit to invasion, and Israel has already crossed that limit a hundred times over since 1963. It is time for them to stop the invasion and for Canadians to stand up and get this Treasonous incompetent we have as a Prime Minister out of Office and jailed for being an accessory to war crimes and crimes against humanity while deterring OUR public funds toward the committing of these horrendous crimes.


We 34 million Canadians now have the Blood of thousands of innocent massacred women and children on OUR Hands as a result of our inexcusable dithering action toward preventing what this one unconscious poor excuse for a ‘Human Being’ is doing. We are actually allowing this to go forward and supporting it both financially and politically! What on earth is the matter with us Canada?


If the big argument is that it is unreasonable to destroy the Jews, then it is also unreasonable to destroy the Palestinians and/or Arabs. We don’t throw away a bushel of apples just because we found a few bad apples in it. Neither population can justify their actions of destroying the other. They must exercise tolerance toward each other and Israel MUST cease and desist. New light must be shed on the Hamas organization and its funding sources. The culprits must be exposed and deterred. All further provocation from either side must be condemned and peace must be given to both populations at the civilian level. If those who wish to war want to war with each other, there is a desert where they can gear up each their side equally with equal numbers and weaponry to finish the fight loyally among themselves without killing innocent children and civilians on either side. Financial reign should not exist in our modern society, but unfortunately, it does and will continue its absolute reign as long as we all allow it to exist.


Stephen Harper is wrong. Since he must be a puppet by obligation, he as a man can always step down and refuse the job. He is not representing Canadians in his course of action. He is working for the Zionist Jewish State and giving them OUR Money to commit war crimes upon another Nation and crimes against humanity. He is as guilty as the Nazis’ were, and he is dragging all of us, along with our reputation and our resources down into this gorge of destruction and horror with him. This is High Treason to this Country. He must be taken out of Office and tried in the appropriate courts for having consciously and purposely committed high treason against our country; otherwise, we no longer have a conscious population or a justice system here in Canada. We might all as well go rot in this hell we will have created for ourselves by our own faults and denials as we fail to take the necessary decisive and executive course of action we all must initiate to remain a responsible and respectable Country. Taking immediate action in the instigation of a Direct Democracy system of Governance is not only our prerogative, but most urgently, our utmost duty and absolute obligation as a Nation.



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