The Canadian Political Power Shift “HOW-TO” Video Series

2: Intro: Evolution - Revolution by the Stroke of a Pen!

It’s Magic…PEOPLE magic!

Watch our other videos, that can save Canada and all other Countries from Globalization, eradicate poverty and protect the environment at no cost to anyone!


3: Introduction to Legal Governance

As Alliances with various groups are formed, we reach higher levels of insight towards creating a path for empowering the people to control our respective legal governance systems. Our Governance web Page located below the learning center is part of the Moving Forward Program, which is about clearly stating the challenges faced by movements and organizations that want to foster a positive change with the way society operates.

We have reached the pinnacle of our research for community groups to actively engage with the Legal and Political Shift with the underlying structure governing our communities, which is imposing a system of oppression against the people.

4: Bridging Between Cultures

On the path to create a balance in society, the guiding principles to instill a direct democracy can only come from understanding the origins of democracy and the elements we need to move forward.

In the same line of thought from the elements that influenced the Four Founding Fathers when they established the United States, we can learn from historical information linking the relationship between the “Iroquois Confederacy” and the establishment of the American Government.

We can appreciate historical facts demonstrating the importance of Direct Democracy where the people participate in their public affairs from the video “The Great Law.”

5: Moving Forward

By being aware of the Global Corporate Agenda, you will understand the urgency to make society work for everyone, ensuring that all aspects of our governance serves the needs of our respective communities and the importance of maintaining social, political and economic stability.

The Universal Alliance Partners have formulated a foundation for moving forward, to facilitate the implementation of practical methodologies for people to come together and create a Public Trust for Community Wealth Building. The Public Trust is the “Legal Umbrella” providing protection to the people and the entrepreneurs against the effects of Global Corporate Governance.

6: The Proposed Direct Democracy Blueprint

Welcome to Turning Taxation into Dividends through the proposed Direct Democracy Blueprint brought to you by the Universal Alliance Partners. The Proposed Direct Democracy Blueprint was created out of necessity due to the effects of Global Corporate Governance, which serves to eradicate National rights and freedoms of people worldwide.

The Universal Alliance Partners have built a solid foundation for the empowerment of the people that can be adapted to any Country to legally protect everyone from tyranny through the proposed Convention of Consent.

7: International Perspective - Global Governance

This international perspective will demystify within all Global Governance case studies the global challenges we face in our respective communities. The Public Interest Research and Development on Direct Participatory Democracy will inform civil society on how to ensure that the people united will control the decision making process and avoid global governance.

8: National Perspective – Global Governance

This Global Governance Case Study is part of the National Perspective for National Coordinators to coordinate efforts between all jurisdiction levels within their countries. The Vertical Network Pilot Projects are part of Research & Development for Public Interest, where the Universal Alliance architecture offers the flexibility of allowing groups to customize the content to meet the needs of their respective cultures and facilitate the implementation of beneficial solutions.

9: Community Perspective – Community Wealth Building

The Community Perspective is where the people have the opportunity to get involved in moving forward in becoming the official shareholders of our countries by taking action within our respective communities. The Community is the fundamental level of government, the closest to the people and the most accessible to initiate a change within our governance.

10: PowerShift News - Global Parliament of Mayors

The Power Shift case study PDF report provided enough evidence to conclude that the Global Parliament of Mayors is a threat to our constitutional right to Direct Participatory Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Local Self Governance.

The Global Parliament of Mayors is one part of a larger agenda being proposed under Global Governance.Mayors worldwide are participating in the Global Parliament of Mayors and the Strong Cities Network, launched at the United Nations. According to the US Attorney General, the Mayors from numerous U.S. Cities have agreed to participate in the creation of the “Global Police Force Initiative.”

11: Social Equity Networks

Social Equity Networks is the Legal Umbrella providing the framework for protecting the people’s interests. The Convention of Consent is the document to give a voice to the people. By creating the Public Foundation under the umbrella of the Public Trust Agreement, civil society can openly share their resources for community wealth building, which will prevent the mismanagement of public funds through Direct Participatory Democracy and through common understanding to reach an agreement, then we can write a new living constitution by the people and for the people.

12: 3 Pillars of Society

The Universal Alliance invites solution providers to demonstrate and explore the feasibility of collaboration to build a new socio-economic system with emphasis on the 3 pillars of society, which are monetary, judiciary and governance.

We are initiating the collaboration with a core group of Partners to present a holistic plan at the WSF of 2017, which we believe needs to include the 3 Pillars of Society as part of the equation relating to the slogan “Another World is Needed.”

The current status quo of monetary, judiciary and governance bodies can be comprehended using the example of the Bank of Canada. The supreme courts and the United Nations is the bedrock of disparity within communities globally, contributing to deny people’s access to physical goods, tools for education and restricting communication.

13: Come Join us at the World Social Forum in MTL, 2016!

The mission at the World Social Forum 2016 is to identify and build alliances with credible solutions providers. Our goal is to gain approval from solutions providers for the further development of a common platform for the people, by the people. More specifically develop the methodologies needed for alliance partners to implement their projects in preparation to present a united front at the world social forum in 2017.


Stay tuned, as there are many more to come!

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