Obvious Acts of Treason against the Citizens and the Indigenous Nations of Canada


“Open Letter and Official Notice to Cease and Desist all treasonous and deceitful acts” being willfully committed against the Citizens and Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Your Oaths need to be to the Peoples of Canada and not to a DE FACTO Government or a DE FACTO Queen 



To : Governor General David Johnston

Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0A1

cc: Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth II, Lieutenant Governors, Senators and  all Federal and Provincial Parliamentarians, Attorney General, Auditor General of Canada and Ombudsman of Canada et al.

RE: “Open Letter and Official Notice to Cease and Desist all treasonous and deceitful acts” being willfully committed against the Citizens and Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Please be advised that as a Canadian born Citizen, given our political history in Canada and the unjust level of neglect of Fiduciary duty held to date by Elizabeth II, yourself and the 14 previous Governor Generals for Canada, all Prime Ministers, the Premiers of the Provinces, Senators, all politicians and by our entire Judicial appointees who should know the Law regarding the specification and implications of “Fiduciary Duty” and our history in regards to the official Decolonization of the Colonies from Britain of which was to officially take  place as intended within the Statue of Westminster of 1931 but has been denied to all Canadians and the hidden agenda to deny new Treaty renegotiation rights to the Indigenous Nations of Canada  constitutes Treason against us all.

Furthermore, our history and reality indicates a serious breach of Trust and numerous countless deceitful crimes are continuously being committed to this very day, whether knowingly or unknowingly by all of you against we, the Citizens of Canada and the Indigenous Nations within this Country. This includes  historical treasonous acts committed through the negotiation of International Trade deals while Indigenous Treaties have not been fully renegotiated or even finalized. How can our government enter into international trade deals regarding our natural resources and other deals that affect all of our lives without having full lawful jurisdiction? Would that also be criminal negligence not only towards us, but to all other countries and investors involved with any dealings with Canada?

What needs to be taken into consideration as treasonous acts by all of our governing bodies is that our history indicates that Instead of our decolonization process being officially launched in 1931 as per the Statute of Westminster, that, it has without a shadow of a doubt been purposefully subverted by all levels of Canadian governing bodies in not allowing  the Canadian Citizens and the Indigenous  Nations to become the true “Final Decision Makers” regarding this Country and our Governance and to further allow us to create a new constitution reflecting our final decision making authority as the true stakeholders within our Governance as should have been done since 1931.

The illusions of Canadians having a true democracy and the right to referendums is nothing more than a well played out illusion. The right to our proper decolonization process, Governance and Referendums by we the people, is still being held hostage by your office and those who are still helping our supposed officials who have put us under a De Facto dictatorship regime since 1931.

Past Premiers and Prime Ministers since 1931, including those within our justice departments, the Canadian Bar Association and all Lawyers, Military, RCMP and Police systems have all played a part in this  dictatorship agenda by covering up and neglecting the truth.

My question to all of you is:

How can Canadians and Indigenous Nations, given the truth of all that you have done since 1931 within such a deceitful manner regain what you have stolen for all of us, when you hide behind unjust laws and a false democratic system of deceit created by your dictatorship which does not allows us to be the ones to determine what is best for us all?

Your blatant attempt at pretence of studying  the possibility of allowing Canadians to have an electoral reform by instilling  a proportional representation through dictatorship bypassing all of our rights as an officially decolonized Nation to choose our own system of Governance is proof positive of a Canadian Nation held hostage by a true dictatorship regime.

This makes me wonder how you can all sleep at night, or to look yourselves in the mirror or for that matter how our Supreme Court Justices can make claims under God while maintaining their deceit, it is certainly obvious that our Creator itself, would see all your actions as major sins being committed daily against its creation.

The devastation and depletion of Natural resources being done by your corporate cohorts, oppression and enslavement of Human resources of the Peoples of Canada and especially what is continuously being done to further oppress and to control the Indigenous Nations, and including what Canada is allowing our corporations to do to others and their natural resources in other countries is certainly just as evil as evil can be.

As an important note, please keep in mind that when Canadians say they want their voices heard, it does not mean that we want to only be allowed to chose who we want as our new political party representative, but to have the power of we the people and Indigenous Nations  being the ones to make all the decisions regarding our affairs as being the official shareholders of our Country and Crown corporations and deciding for ourselves which laws we will support or not and which International Trade Deals we will decide to make with International Corporations and Countries amongst many other things. Especially given that we are now, thanks to our political leaders  incompetence, the no. 1 sued Country in the world. How much more must we all suffer at the hands of tyranny?

So please,  explain to me and to all Canadians and the Indigenous Nations, how your position as the Commander-in-Chief of the Land and Naval Militia and of all Naval and Military Forces of and In Canada which should not be legally  vested in the Queen, but rather lawfully placed into the hands of all of the Peoples of Canada since 1931 as your duty is  to secure the help required for Canadians to instill a new constitution and a true “pure direct democracy” by the Citizens of Canada and the Indigenous Nations as being the official “final decision makers” for Canada and being the true Sovereigns of this Country as well as undoing all the wrongs perpetrated by those holding a false power as the queen, Prime Minister and Premiers acting as though we have no rights to a formal decolonization rights process since 1931 by the imposing and willfully supporting a continual dictatorship from all levels of Governance and of our continual suffering through an unlawful financial burdens and lack of an honest judicial process since.

I trust that this information will greatly clarify your official position and official position of Canadians and the Indigenous Nations as being officially decolonized since 1931, and as to what you should be expecting to do as our Commander-in -chief under our employ and not as the Commander-in-Chief to a De Facto Queen and Government . Your duty belongs to us, the peoples of Canada, period!

I hope that everyone will think long and hard upon their positions and to whom, they owe their duty too and to deeply reflect  upon this “Open Letter and Official Notice to Cease and desist all treasonous and deceitful acts” against the Canadian Peoples and Indigenous Nations and to reconsider your unlawful actions by reversing your Military Dictatorship De Facto style of Governance, instilling education  regarding referendums in order to hand over the Governance to the People of Canada as it should have been since 1931. Perhaps then, and only then, will your actions be considered as Honorable. Anything less would not be honorable or acceptable under any circumstances.

Without Prejudice and I trust that now that you have been made aware, that you will finally do the right and just move forward for all the Peoples of Canada.

Please find attached a letter that was emailed to all of the Federal and Provincial Parliament  Assemblies.  if you wish more information on how we can assist you in fulfilling your duties to the people, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nicole Lebrasseur


Concerned Citizen


link attachment: http://www.i-acuse.com/call-to-action/request-for-immediate-investigation-within-all-national-and-international-trade-deals-such-as-nafta-the-tpp-ttip-ceta-spp-trade-deals/

Find the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governance Email lists: Here

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