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Power Shift: From Party Elites to Informed Citizens strategy by Vaughan Lyon (Author), some minor tweaking, along with the I-ACUSE – Citizens Convention of Consent Form, ensuring that our MP’s and MPP’s and Prime Minister have no “Final Decision Making Authority“, thus representing only the People’s voices instead of their “Partyocracy” would be a terrific alternative to changing our dysfunctional Governance System in a very simplified form that would give the POWER  to the People through Constituency Parliaments across Canada on both sides of the Two Row Wampum Treaty.

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Root Cause of False Democracy, The “Magna Carta of 1215 and hidden reinstated “Magna Carta of 1225”

***  2015  Celebration of 800 Yrs of  Temporal  Vatican Rule through their Triple Crown / Judicial BAR-Crown in Chancery – LAW/ 

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Unfortunately, this is the reality Canadians live in today – Please watch the video.

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What is i-ACUSE?


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direct participatory democracy

Nullifying violations of a Constitution

 What is i-ACUSE?

It is the acronym for “Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment”. A grassroots movement; to create awareness about viable political solutions such as “Direct Democracy” through Constitutional reforms by simply creating a new “Two Row Living Constitution” by “The People for the People” and changing our present dysfunctional Political Party System and Police State and notwithstanding the new “Canadian Citizenship Act, Weather Modification Act. etc.

Together, we can and must remove “Final Decision Making Authority” from all levels of Governance by placing it into the hands of the PEOPLE where it belongs. Please watch our videos and documentation on how our Governments along with Researchers are “creating Mental illnesses. Police can now arrest people under the claims of the person having mental issues as soon as you question their motives, you are deemed by their new standards; to be resisting arrest.

Increases in Mental issue arrest cases have increased by 80% in Canada since our Government deems that 1 out of 5 Canadians suffer from some type of mental illness.



The AWAKENING! Careful what you wish for…

Did you know? 

That we are being played into accepting global governance, One World Government through the guise of the UN and World Trade Globalization and  that Canada has been a huge scam since it’s inception in 1867? That all Governing bodies since and to this very day, are defrauding the Canadian and Indigenous Peoples through veils of deception, play on words and most of all, though conflicts of interest on land deals beginning at the municipal level all the way to the provincial level created by the provincial  and municipal governments pension funds?

  • That Carolyn Bennett, says that Canadians are not capable of making decisions regarding this Country on video and that she along with the liberals, the NDP and the Conservatives support the ongoing genocide in Palestine of innocent children and adults and that she further supports a Parliamentary Committee for Global Governance (UNPA) while she denies it on video that she further sits on this committee along with Justin Trudeau and 63 other Parliamentarians including Elizabeth May, Nichole Turmel and others such as; David Suzuki and Maude Barlow? Her name is fourth on the list. Do these Political representatives and Environmentalists who think and decide for us even realize what they are supporting? Are these very people competent enough to represent us and to think for us?
  • That corporations can now bring in their own personnel and workers from anywhere in the world to work in Canada?
  • That the UN is giving courses on Global Governance?
  • That the UNITED NATIONS is not your friend?
  • That Canada has a Weather Modification Act (aka-Chemtrails Cloud Seeding) which is undoubtedly contributing to floods and changes in weather?
  • That due to the NDAA, the USA police have the same rights in Canada as the RCMP and have the right to take you at anytime if they deem you a threat to any Corporations or both governments ?
  • That corporations can hire private military and police from other countries to stand up against and possibly kill environmental protesters or even striking employees? (See New Brunswick Fracting and Tembec strike November 2014, among others). 
  • That Montreal is still under Martial Law re-invoked by the Mayor?
  • That WE as Canadians and the Nations keep contributing to this insanity and support their actions by doing nothing which is bringing us to the brink of losing our Country to Globalization without our consent other than continuing to be in a Zombie state and clueless? Those who are awake, aware and trying can’t do it alone. We need the majority of Canadians to stop this.
  • That you have no voice when you vote for your MP or MPP or Mayor, etc given our present fraudulent political system?
  • That all these things are just the TIP of the ICEBERG!
  • See more below…

If you didn’t know, than YOU NEED TO KNOW, so please, educate yourself so that you may know what is truly going on but first you need to also know our Canadian history. So again, please bear with us, as we help awaken you to our true reality and remove the veils of deception from your mind as we go along. Stay tuned for more questions including the answer and reference pages to be added as we are still under construction!


A Canadian Historical Past that needs to be questioned…Did you know? 

  • That if they would have let the Canadian people hold “TRUE Constitutional Referendums”, the Indigenous Nations would have had the right to be at the tables with the People and the Government to re-negotiate their agreements and land claims issues?That our Canadian Government is a “Defacto” Government including Queen Elizabeth?
  • That Canada is the “Crown Corporation of Canada” and is not a true Country but rather a business Corporation?
  • That the B.N.A is an “ACT” and was never a true Constitution?
  • That a true signed copy of the B.N.A. ACT was never found, here or in England and has never existed from our research except as a sample to be used by the fathers of confederation to create their own in 1867?
  • That the Canadian government and the imperial crown has failed in producing the original or a true authenticated copy since what would apparently be 1867, simply because one never existed except for the sample sent in by Britain?
  • That Canadians have been without a real constitution and became independent since 1931 but we were never truly decolonized?
  • That the Federal Government and provincial governments hid many facts from their citizens deliberately so that the people could not participate in the decision making of Canada’s future in the 1930’s and up to now because those the people elected were afraid to lose control of the People and the Canadian resources?

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  • That special attention to secrecy was deliberately given to ensure that the Canadian people never knew that they had the right to be at the tables with the Nations in 1931 to ensure their futures?
  • That the Provinces refused to go along with the Federal Governments Plans but apparently agreed to keep the Canadian people and the Nations in the dark about what was transpiring in the 1920’s and 1930’s? This information was divulged in their own minutes during an inquiry?
  • That the Canadian people do not pay or have ever paid any of their tax dollars to the Indigenous Nations?
  • That the Indigenous Nations in Canada are still the true “Allodial Land Title” holders at the international level and through international political decolonization?
  • That the Lands were stolen by “giving the Nations the right to hunt, fish and trap on their UNCEEDED Territories (most of each of the Provinces) by the Supreme Court. This was a theft through words (see proof in video committed by the Supreme Court judges)
  • That almost 16 million young adults from the ages of 18 to 36 have NEVER had a chance to say what they want for this country since none have had the chance to ever vote in a constitutional referendum provincially or federally?
  • That to this day, the government keeps lying to all Canadians and the Nations?

– Please stay tuned for more questions including the answer and reference pages to be added as we are still under construction! –


Why should Canadians reform their entire Political Governance of Canada ?

Because a “Constitutional Reform” would be beneficial for the First Peoples and Citizens at respectfully working side by side and taking back our voices which have been eliminated by the present “False” democratic system through Political Party elections. Currently the politicians can only tow the Caucus party line instead of listening to their constituents.


Most of the Political Parties support the Canadian financing of the Government of Israel’s genocidal acts and other atrocities once elected without our expressed consent such as:

  • Funding ongoing silent genocides here in many forms
  • Funding other present violent genocides in Palestine & other Countries with our Canadian Taxes
  • Enforcing military style police against protesters that dare to try to protect the environment, lands and resources, and in support of Corporations who now hire militia style

It is time for Canadians to take a powerful stand by removing “Final Decision Making Authority” from all levels of Governance.

We must draft a “New Constitution for the People by the People” and finally empower all Peoples within this Country for true prosperity for all.


The United Nations “Globalization and Corporatization” will further remove all of our personal and Canada’s sovereignty and freedoms. Our independence will be decided upon by small  groups from other veto powered Countries.

How do we all UNPLUG from The Canadian Government corruption?



We can do so through the Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment by:

  1. Ending “Political Party Elections” and “the Monarchy(Canadian Queen & Vatican military/court presence) which would eliminate the Crown and Vatican claim to the “Doctrine of Discovery” and “Terra Nullius” once and for all by signing the Citizen’s “Convention of Consent to Self-Determination and Self-Governance”.
  2. Revoking “Final Decision Making Authority” from all levels of Governance in Canada through the enforcement of a Direct Participatory
  3. Creating a new “Direct Democracy” that will be in harmony with the Great Law White Roots of Peace Constitution for the Canadian
  4. Instilling a “50/50 Governance of Canada” by the Indigenous Nations and the Citizens on each side of a completely new Living Constitution in harmony with the “Two Row Wampum Treaty Belt“ principle.

Barb Garlow  – Cayuga Nation

Barbara Henry – Cayuga Nation

Nicole Lebrasseur – Canadian Citizen


the i-ACUSE teams on both sides of THE TWO ROW


The i-ACUSE movement stems from the great urgency and necessity to end the Corporate take over of Canadian Natural Resources, to the demise of the Original Peoples, and the Canadian population, notwithstanding that our Governments and the Political Parties have failed in consulting with both the Original Peoples and the Canadian Citizens in regards to Canada’s Natural Resources.

New Bills on Taxation, Laws & Regulations are being forced upon us such as; the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), FIPA (31 yrs. Foreign Investment Protection Agreement), the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and our fast growing Police State which are all due to the Globalization and World Global Governance presently being implemented without our input or consent.

How is the United Nations “Global Governance / Globalization” being implemented?

It is being implemented at the Municipal levels through the guise of “Sustainable Development/Agenda 21”.

 See: Quebec Agenda 21 

http://www.agenda21c.gouv.qc.ca/quebec s-agenda-21-for-culture/charter/


Creating Mental Illness in children, teens and adults

Taking a deeper look at Racism?

Colonial Political and Psychological Decolonization

Please view these important documents that clearly show how they are CREATING mental illnesses:


The Facts _ Mental Health Strategy

Use of ‘behaviour-altering’ drugs widespread in foster, group homes _ Toronto Star 2014



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